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Avengers Family Tree

My two and four year old children LOVE super heroes, LOVE comic books.  Not sure how it started.  As a kid, I liked ’em, but had only tangential exposure.  Now, as a 37-year old man, I’m drafted by these two yahoos every weekend to play … Continue reading

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Goodnight Dune…a children’s book

It’s time for ‘Nerd Wednesday’ on a Tuesday.  If you have children, you’ve read Goodnight Moon.  This is a certainty.  If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ve read Dune.  This is a near certainty.  As should have been accomplished long ago, … Continue reading

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The £35 million man– worth it? Absolutely.

In the days following the closure of the January transfer window, how many times did you read that Liverpool paid far too much for their new number nine?  Over the last couple of weeks, everyone from Darren Bent to Ian … Continue reading

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Dark brews for a Winter night

“Winter is for red wine and black beer.”– Tom Landry.  Alright, Tom Landry probably didn’t say this, however it is undisputed that he was the greatest NFL coach of all time.  Therefore, I think it’s fair to assume he knews this maxim. Like me, do … Continue reading

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Farewell, El Nino…

The grieving has begun.  Denial, anger, acceptance.  I’ve read despondent posts stating that Anfield will never be the same.  I’ve seen tirades that label Torres a traitor, a soulless villain, a mercenary, and (incredibly!) merely an average striker.  I’ve viewed the photos of his kit set ablaze in outrage.  I’ve also read cathartic attempts to … Continue reading

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